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Learn everything about Directory Submission Sites from this place

The information related to “Directory Submission Sites”:

Before telling you the list of best directory submission sites with high domain authority, I will tell you the ABC of directory submission sites. It is a type of web directory in which all the sites get to submit is particular different categories or the subcategories with necessary and proper links and details. For link building and traffic, the directory submission for SEO sites isessential and required for all websites. In the today’s web world, the page rank is not vital anymore, so I have added the best and free directory submission site list with the high Domain Authority. On these locations, you can submit the URL of your page or website address in the proper category for creating great backlinks. And the best source for sending your packages to different countries and different locations is cargo services and they are reliable to contact online.

There are a lot of directory submission for SEO sites which will provide free listings, and some will provide the paid listings, and the reciprocal listing is also essential. When you submit the URL of your page or website, then it will go to the admin panel where it will be checked properly with tags, descriptions, proper keywords, and after 1 to 2 weeks, it will be live on their site with the best knowledge. But if you are posting the link to the paid directory submission in SEO sites, then you have to understand all the requirements and instructions carefully before the submission. Follow all the search engine guidelines before adding the siteto them.  You have to find directory submission list 2017 to get all the latest niches. It is the best source of getting directory submission sites.

Importance of the directory submission sites:

There is abundle of advantages of directory submission sites list free. A small of them are here for you. You have to read them before posting them.

  • You will get quality of web traffic on your site
  • By this, the domain authority of your site will inevitably increase
  • Your website will rank higher in the mentioned search engines
  • The search engine will quickly understand about your submission and will relate your site according to best suitable category
  • All the other users live there on the web will get the knowing packing about your website
  • The internet site of yours will be easily indexedby all search engines in which you are posting.

These are some of the benefits of directory submission in SEO sites. If you are starting your blogging career, then you have to understand all these terms with your best knowing and understanding because they are the initial steps to get the backlinks from high authority sites. Search for the best directory submission list 2017 for good results.

Type of directory submission sites:

There are three types of directory submission sites list free. Understand all of them from here.

  • Free listing: You can submit your homepage URL. Posting the link to other pages is not allowed. Besides this, it will take too much time for the approval purpose because it requires the permission from the administrative authority of directory submission SEO for sites owners.
  • Paid listing: In this package, you will have the facility of 2-3 backlinks with the high quality of traffic. Some of the sites also give the feature of banner submission. Unlike the free listing, the link will approve within the time of 24-48 hours from the posting time. The vital thing that you have to do is to read all the terms and conditions from the owners of directory submission sites. You can also add your location from the map, website video or social media profiles on some of the sites.
  • Reciprocal listing: The mutual listing is neither paid nor free. You have to add banner HTML code or the link to your client’s website into your site on the header menu of the page, and then you have to check and approve from site listing.


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